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Susannah Ravenswing: 40 Years of Magick, Art and Passion

November 8, 2012

Artist Susannah Ravenswing is taking people back to nature with her fine, hand-wrought jewelry and ceremonial objects. She's been creating for nearly four decades and was one of the original artists to occupy studio/retail space in Winston-Salem’s Arts District.

You can see a retrospective exhibition of her work at Ember AV + Gallery, 690 Trade Street, in Winston-Salem. It’s Susannah Ravenswing: 40 Years of Magick, Art and Passion, and it’ll remain on display through December 1.

Susannah’s childhood fascination with myths and ancient history initially drew her toward a career in archaeology, and those early interests eventually found their way into her art. Her beautiful hand-wrought jewelry and ceremonial objects combine silver, gold, semi-precious and precious stones, fossils and small carvings of deer antler and fossil ivory.

Ember AV Gallery, 690 Trade Street, is co-owned by Susannah’s sons Blake Stewart and Chris Livengood. They specialize in high performance stereo and home theater equipment in the heart of Winston-Salem’s downtown Arts District.

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