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Real People, Real Stories

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Standing On The Edge of College & Looking In

October 28, 2012

StoryLine gives voice to everyday people throughout our community as they share the experiences that shape their lives. It is a project of the ECHO network and is made possible by the generosity of Salemtowne, a continuing care retirement community, where every life shines and stories are celebrated.

Giovanna Karina Hurtado-Vargas came to the United States when she was six years old and she says her those early years were difficult. Through high school, she found herself to be the target of bullying. To keep herself positive, Hurtado-Vargas says she got involved herself in sports, in hopes of getting into a good college.

But those hopes were shattered.

Hurtado-Vargas describes some of her experiences and how her dream of going to college is in limbo because she’s undocumented.

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